Sunday, August 31, 2014

Protect your PC from ShortCut Virus!! 100% Working!!!

Step1: Bring Task Manager by pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’

Step2: Select ‘Process’ Tab from the Task Manager
Step3: Find “AutoIt3” and select it. Then Press ‘End Process’ and select ‘End Now’
Step4: Now go to ‘Control Panel’ and Click ‘Folder Option’
Step5: From Folder Option’s ‘View’ tab Tick in to “Show Hidden Files” & Tick out to “Hide Protected Operating System Files”. Then click Apply and Ok.

Step6: Now go to C Drive & Delete the hidden folder named by “Google” & “Skypee”. Thus delete these 2 folders from every drive of your Hard Disk.
Step7: Now from start Menu, go to ‘Startup’ and Delete “GoogleUpdate” and “WindowsUpdate”

Final Step: Use Avast Antivirus and select “Boot Time Scan” or from any other antivirus scan your whole hard disk.


  1. Does not allow me to delete. Error, write protected.

    1. Right click the folder and select Sharing and Securuty and select the Advanced button on the Security tab. Then change the owner of the folder to your name. Apply the changes and try to delete the folder.


      Left click on the folder, open properties and remove the archive attributes with a check mark on them, click apply. Close the menu and delete the folder.

      When it ask the folder or all the contents for the attribute settings choose all, just incase there are files in the folder with the same attributes set.


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