Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to Run NFS Rivals on Intel 4000 HD Graphics PC or Low Graphics PC

This post is also for the topics below:
1. NFS Rivals Slow-motion/Lag Issue fix
2. NFS Rivals Low FPS FIX

For fixing this problem there are 2 methods.

1st Method:

you need to go to NFS Shortcut icon in your desktop.

Step 1: Go to Rival's shortcut location in desktop
[If there is no shortcut icon in your desktop then send the play icon from Rival's folder to the Desktop]

Step 2: Now Right Click on Rival's Shortcut icon and select Properties

Step 3: Under Shortcut Tab in Target at the end give a Space and paste one of the codes bellow:

-GameTime.MaxSimFps 18 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 18+
-GameTime.MaxSimFps 18+ -GameTime.ForceSimRate 18+


2nd Method:

>>If you have graphics card in your PC then go to Switchable Graphics settings
Add "NFS14" and then set "High Performance". 
For AMD Graphics Card:

Switchable Graphics for Apps
 For NVIDIA Graphics Card:

>>Add "NFS14" to Razer Game Boost App list. Then Run the game with Razer Game Booster 3.5


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  2. dialog box says target not valid

    1. i happens with me also. please help

    2. Press -Space-,Then Paste The code

  3. It is awesome
    i have lenovo g500-i3
    6gb ram
    intel hd400

    and you know what; it worked like a charm

  4. It works!!! Ty alot!

  5. thanks a lot!!!! awesome solution!!!!

  6. thanks. It worked.

  7. for me, it works too, but when I hit a car of an other player, my car fly away . Do you have a solution for me ? (Sorry for my bad english ) .

    1. Its a bug. In some PCs it appears. But i can;t find the solution yet.

    2. Unknow Brother, I have same issue, the fix above works well till I hit racers in pursuit, my car flies up, spawns on the track and keeps wheelspinning on the same spot like i have handbraked, other racers blast past me ;_;

  8. I cant understand about 2nd method. My laptop is i3, graphics intel 4000, 4 gb ram. I want to know do i need to download AMD driver? Will AMD driver effect on my graphics something bad? If won't, I will download that driver but let me know about 2nd method please.


    1. Thanks for the Comment!

      Second method is for those who have dedicated graphics. Intel 4000 is your built in graphics. If your laptop have dedicated graphics then it will work. Check in your laptop manufacturer website and find out if your laptop has dedicated graphics or not.

      My suggestion for you:
      >First download Intel HD graphics driver from Intel official website for your laptop. And install the driver.

      >Go to Control Panel then select "Windows Mobility Center"
      In windows mobility center menu, you will see "Battery Status". Make the Battery Status "High Performance"
      [Note: If you can't find Windows Mobility Center in control panel then type it in Start menu. Then u'll see.]

      >Then install Razer Game Booster 3.5 Full Version. And launch the game from razor game booster. Details in the link below:

      >Before launch the game, Exit or stop the antivirus and other unnecessary application from notification area in the task bar.

      [If you have money try buy and install another 4 GB ram from a computer store. It will make ur laptop much more faster.]

      Enjoy and comment if you don't understand what and how to do!!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Both of us Right! :) So no Worry! Have Fun and Enjoy! :)

  10. in the method two you you typed -GameTime.MaxSimFps 18 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 18+
    but you should type full command "-GameTime.MaxSimFps 18+ -GameTime.ForceSimRate 18+ "
    in your command you missed one + sign after firs 18
    my full working command is in below line and you have to put that command like me
    "D:\Program Files (x86)\NFSRS\Need for Speed Rivals\NFS14.exe" -GameTime.MaxSimFps 18+ -GameTime.ForceSimRate 18+ ""
    your path maybe different but this part should be exactly the same
    exe" -GameTime.MaxSimFps 18+ -GameTime.ForceSimRate 18+ ""

    i repeat just put this " -GameTime.MaxSimFps 18+ -GameTime.ForceSimRate 18+ " command after exe in the target section of the shortcut and enjoy the game .

    thanks for

    1. Both of us Right! :) So no Worry! Have Fun and Enjoy! :)

  11. it works but when you hit a car your car flyoff and stuck

    1. Same here Bro, cant do shit in pursuit. otherwise its ok. my car just flew like a rocket and spawned half ass in ground, had to hardboot my lappy. EA sucks man,btw this game is exactly like nfs hp by criterion with same outdated graphics like nfsmw 2012. NFS IS DEAD PERIOD.

      I had rather play burnout roadrage and NFS MW2005.

    2. Use the Second method then. In case if you don't have the graphics card then just launch the game with game booster. And if your are playing on laptop then make it "High Performance" from Intel mobility center.

  12. My race wont start... The option wont come ... Please help.
    I opted both ur methods....
    It doesnt freeze, but the race video keeps playing .....

    1. Tell Me your PC Configuration. If you have any graphics card please mention.

  13. Intel corei 3 4cpus
    4 gb ram
    intel hd 2500
    need for speed stopped working after intro

    1. Update intel HD Graphics Driver with Driver Booster:

      And follow the Instructions. Hope you can run the game with lags.


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