Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Complete Guide to Activate IDM full Version free

There are 3 Parts of this Tutorial

1. Initial Part

2. Part 2 Installer Installation

3. Part 3 حr@حk Files Installation


Initial Part: 

 At first >>DOWNLOAD the IDM Installer and حr@حk files from Here
>>If you have old version of IDM then uninstall it.


Part 2 Installer Installation:
Now we are going to install IDM:
Firstly Run IDM Installer by double clicking and install it. After Installation there is a possibility to appear a dialog box. Might be:

After installation a "Fake Serial Key" Massage might be appeared.> Just Close or Cancel it!! 

A  Registration Form appeared> Just Close or Cancel it!!

Now take a look at the notification area of your desktop if an IDM icon is showing or not at the notification area. If there is an IDM Icon showing at the notification area then you have to "Exit" from your existing "IDM". Right click on that Icon and select 'Exit' as like as the picture below:

Part 3 حr@حk Files Installation:

 Step 1: Extract the حr@حk Zip File or double click on that file

Step 2: Copy "IDMan" from the folder

Step 3: Paste "IDMan" to this location "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager" or "C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager"

 Step 4: After clicking "Paste", Select "Copy and Replace"

Step 5: Go back to IDM Extracted folder and 

Double click "Key.reg" and then Select "Yes" & 'Ok'

Finally Run IDM from your Start Menu

Having any trouble?? Just comment below!
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  1. thank you bro it is 100% working , everybody must try it!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. There is nothing password protected. May be U don't understand how to extract @Mukaram Kazmi

  2. hai,
    i dah install IDM ni. tapi still tak boleh download. its prompt me that there are like 3 files yg tak registered/cannot find or something.
    kenapa eh? mcmmna nak fixed benda ni?

  3. please write the problem clearly in english as if i can help you. Otherwise i can not help you because i only understand english

  4. Works as usual. Thanks!!

  5. you are awesome guy thanks so much Muftakis

  6. Works Great. Awesome work Admin! Thanks


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